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Av. Diabetol. 2010;26(1):29-35

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Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus and diabetic foot problems in Saudi Arabia

Artículos originales - Vol.26 N.1  enero-febrero 2010
A. Alkhier Ahmed1

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Diabetes is one of the growing health problems in the Middle East region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. The increasing number of the population and changes in the pattern of life in the region expose a large number of the population to diabetes and its complications. The following review discusses the magnitude of the diabetes problem in Saudi Arabia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic arterial disease, diabetic foot and the impact of education to prevent diabetic foot diseases on the outcome of diabetic foot problems. According to my knowledge, this is the first review which shows the magnitude of diabetic foot problems and its risk factors in Saudi Arabia.


Correspondencia: A. Alkhier Ahmed; Diploma in diabetes (UK) and IIWCC (Canada). Diabetic Center.
Gurayat province, P.O. Box 672. Saudi Arabia.

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Arabia Saudí diabetes enfermedad vascular periférica neruopatía periférica neuropatía diabética pie diabético


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