Vol.26 N.6  november-december 2010
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Av. Diabetol. 2010;26(6):451-456

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Handicap and disability in diabetes and its complications. A review of the Spanish laws

Current issues - Vol.26 N.6  november-december 2010
M.T Vicente-Herrero1, C. Sánchez-Juan2, M.J. Terradillos-García3, E. Aguilar-Jiménez4, L. Capdevila-García5, M.V. Ramírez-Iñíguez de la Torre6, A. López-González7, M. Catalá-Bauset8

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The concepts of disability, handicap and impairment refer, as a whole, to consequences of diseases and/or malformations and their impact on the lives of people. What varies in each case is scope of the personal, social and environmental or labour, and thus the implications posed and the benefits that could result in. These issues, as part of normal duties of occupational doctors, are less known and used in the level of medical care, either by GPs as well by other specialists. This article aims to bring practitioners health, based on current legislation in Spain, the definition of these concepts, their management and the valuation process of diabetes, pathological entity in itself, especially when other complications evolutionary generated are added in the complex problems of patients due to due to personal, familiar, social and labour limitations. These limitations have a great repercussion in public health systems and social security, which economic costs are very difficult to evaluate.






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