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Avances en Diabetología publishes scientific studies, systematic reviews, consensus, clinical notes and experts opinions in the field of diabetes and related diseases, in Spanish or in English. The manuscripts sent for publication in Avances en Diabetología will be evaluated by at least 2 independent reviewers, chosen by the Editorial Committee. The authors will receive the evaluation of their papers in a period of one month and should make the recommended changes within 2 weeks of having received them. If the article sent to the authors for changes is  not received within the period proposed, it will be considered as a new manuscript on arrival.

Review Articles. These collaborations will deal with state-of the-art subjects or those of general interest in the Þ eld of diabetes. The journal Director will request them from national or international experts.

Diabetes Seminars. These papers will deal with subjects directly related to the common clinical practice in diabetes. Their objective is to contribute to continuing training in the Þ eld of diabetes. The Editorial Committee will request them from key specialists in the subject proposed. The same guidelines as detailed for original articles will be followed for their elaboration.

Original Articles. These manuscripts will refer to clinical or experimental research studies on diabetes. They will be assessed for their originality, design and clear presentation. They should not exceed 8 double-spaced printed pages or a maximum of 3000 words that include title, text and acknowledgements (this does not include the summary, references, tables or figures). No more than 30 references or more than 4 tables or Þ gures will be allowed. The recommended number of authors should not exceed 6.

Clinical Notes. These manuscripts will be the most appropiate to describe one or more cases of diabetes with exceptional interest. They should be a maximum of 3 printed pages or 1200 words, including title, text and acknowledgements. No more than 10 references or 2 tables or Þ gures will be allowed. The number of authors recommended should not exceed 4.

Letters to the Editor. They will include opinions, observations and clinical experiences on diabetological aspects of general interest. They should not exceed 1 page or 400 words, including title and text. No more than 3 references, more than 1 table or figure or more than 2 manuscript signing authors will be allowed

Pictures in clinical diabetes. Articles will include high resolution colour photographs (at least 300 dpi, in .tiff, .eps or .jpg format, maximal size 9 x 12 cm), together with a text of maximal 300 words. This text should brief y comment the relevant aspects of the case reported and the lesions shown in the picture. References are not necessary to be included.

Selected original articles analysed by experts. This section will include brief commentaries on two previously selected articles concerning diagnosis and new technologies for continuous glucose monitoring. The purpose will be to evaluate the design, impact and clinical appliapplicability of the work being reviewed. The maximum length of the section will be one to two double-spaced pages (DIN A4), or no more than 400 to 600 words per article reviewed.

Other sections. Avances en Diabetología will also include other sections such as Editorials, Consensus Documents, Documents from the Spanish Society of Diabetes Work Groups, News, Comments on national and international congresses, book reviews and other information of interest. In general, the content of these sections will be established by order of the journal Director. Whenever possible, they should be sent in the format accepted for the remaining articles.

Avances en Diabetología will not publish studies that have been published previously or that are simultaneously being considered for some type of publication. 

All the manuscripts should be typed double-spaced and the letter type size used should not be less than 11 points. 

Manuscripts should be sent by e-mail to Eva Raventós (, secretary of Ediciones Mayo. The matrix document should be identifi ed as the main document. Tables and figures should be sent, duly identified, in separate documents. Photographs should be black and white and with excellent quality. The Editorial Committee may request, if necessary, that the complete paper or some of its parts be presented in another specific format. 

All manuscripts should be accompanied by a letter written by the first author of the study, who will be responsible for it for all effects. The letter should expressly state that the other signers of the paper agree with the publication of the manuscript in the form and content sent to the journal Director. 

Manuscripts will not be admitted in paper form, except under special circumstances. In this case, one original and two copies of the complete manuscript, including tables and figures, should be sent to the following address:


Dr. F. Javier Ampudia-Blasco
Director de Avances en Diabetología
Ediciones Mayo, S.A.
C/ Aribau, 185-187, 2.ª planta
08021 Barcelona

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