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2010 vol.26

  Obesity and diabetes

  Anticoagulation and antiaggregation in diabetes

  Diabetes in Latinoamerica

  Update in cardiology and diabetes

  Chronic kidney disease in diabetes

  The elderly diabetic patient

  Cerebrovascular disease in diabetes

2009 vol.25

  Bibliometry thechniques



  Management of hypertension in diabetes


  Update in cardiology and diabetes

  Cell therapy techniques in diabetes

2008 vol.24

  Update in cardiology and diabetes

  Therapeutic advances in patients with diabetic nephropathy and renal insufficiency

  Assessment of insulin sensitivity in research and clinical practice

  Outstanding gynecological issues in diabetic women

  Cell therapy techniques in diabetes

  Therapeutic advances in ophthalmology

2007 vol.23

  Genetic engineering and molecular biology techniques applied to medicine

  Monogenic Diabetes

  Integral management in children with diabetes

  Autoimmune diseases associated to diabetes

  Psychological disorders and diabetes

  Physical exercise and diabetes

2006 vol.22

  Diagnostic and therapeutic approach of patients with diabetic foot

  Diagnostic and management of gestational diabetes

  Insulin therapy in inpatients

  Methods-counting carbohydrate portions

2005 vol.21

  Therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) (I)

  Therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin (II)

  Técnicas diagnósticas en diabetes (I)

  Técnicas diagnósticas en diabetes (II)

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